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[It’s] the story of a young man coming out of disappointment with love, discovering raves, house, garage and falling in love with a world that’s a new golden age. With a friend, he organizes parties for success, which, like mine, are called Cheers. We changed the names of the characters, even if they are often close to people who have existed. However, we kept the names of parties and clubs. And some of great DJs like Daft Punk who are characters.

The script tells the problems that many people of the time knew: addiction to drugs, mismanaged money, the strange relationship with success and the difficulty of having a stable romantic relationship in a world such as this here, an angle that interests my sister, [the director].

The film is in two parts: the golden age, discovering music and celebration, walking towards success and disenchantment and the need to bounce back.

The film’s title, Eden, is a nod to the fanzine of the same name and the garden which, according to the Bible, we were driven. Those years are described in the film our lost paradise.

Sven Løve on the upcoming feature film, Eden, Tsugi Magazine, February 2014 (x)
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